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Helping you meet your obligations under The Equality Act 2010


High-quality language support and communication services to Deaf and hard of hearing people.

CJ Interpreting service is an independent organisation based in Darlington. We provide language support for all business and personal requirements.

We employ qualified, insured professionals - all DBS-checked - in the following areas:

  • British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters
  • Electronic Notetakers
  • Lipspeakers
  • Palantypists
  • Deafblind Interpreter
  • Deaf Interpreters
  • Communication Support Workers (CSW)
  • English Language Support/Re-writing
We completely understand the diversity in communication methods required by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Craig Jones, owner of CJ Interpreting, is Deaf, and this and the involvement of other Deaf staff helps make us unique.

We operate a holistic approach to ensure smooth communication between all parties involved. We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience and a high standard of customer satisfaction.

We use only registered and qualified communication professionals who regularly undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their specialist areas of expertise.

For more information or to book a service, please contact us.

What our clients say
"Excellent service"
"Patient and skilled"
"Consistently high quality"
"Second to none"
"Very friendly"
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