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We are a Deaf-led specialist language support and communication agency. We provide a high-quality service for all Deaf and hard of hearing people enabling them to access the appropriate communication support to suit their needs.

We know that all Deaf and hard of hearing people have different language and communication needs. So we ensure that you, the client buying our service, will receive the best possible support from the right professional(s) to enable you to provide the high-quality service you would wish in an appropriate way for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

All our staff and freelance workers comply with our Code of Ethics. They follow a code of conduct that includes a strict confidentiality clause and the requirement to work in a fully unbiased professional manner. They are registered with the appropriate registering bodies, including:

• NRCPD (The National Registers of Communication Professionals Working with Deaf and Deafblind people)
• ASLI (The Association of Sign Language Interpreters)
• VLP (Visual Language Professionals)
• ITI (The Institute of Translation and Interpreting
These registration bodies monitor their practice and ensure their professional development, CRB and registration status are all fully up to date.

The services we provide;

• BSL/English Interpreters
• Lipspeakers
• Palantypists/speech-to-text operators
• Electronic Notetakers
• Deafblind Interpreters
• Deaf Interpreters
• Communication Support Workers

We cater for the following settings:

• The private business sector including banks, financial and domestic services, conferences, training and seminars
• The Health services, including; medical appointments, hospitals, mental health assessments, opticians and dentists
• The voluntary sector, charities and social occasions
• Access to work, office support, training, meetings and reviews
• Jobcentre Plus and other employment agencies for: assessments, form filling, job search, interviews, training and reviews
• Local Authorities, including; social services, housing, social care and child protection
• The education sector, including schools, colleges, universities and adult learning

As a business we take pride in working closely and in partnership with our clients to ensure that their Deaf and hard of hearing clients receive an accessible service without facing any communication barriers.

"Supporting businesses in provision of the Single Equality Act through professional, quality language & communication services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people."
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